Puppy Kindergarten:  [4 – One Hour Classes]  (Designed for puppies 6-16wks in age)  A heavy emphasis on socialization, both dog-people as well as dog-dog.  Learning techniques to build: coming when called & good leash manners into adulthood, as well as “leave it” “puppy sits”, & door manners.  Discussion of: breeds, dog body language, & mouthy behavior.  EQUIPMENT:  buckle collar,4-6ft leash, favorite dog cookies. NOT ALLOWED: training collars, harnesses, chain leashes, flexi-leads.  

Basic Obedience: [6 – One Hour Classes] (for any dog over 16wks of age) Coming when called, walking on a loose leash, sit & down on command, Sit/Down for lengths of time & with distractions.  Any dogs under 1 year of age will be eligible for the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification.  EQUIPMENT:  buckle collar,4-6ft leash, favorite dog cookies. NOT ALLOWED:  harnesses, chain leashes, flexi-leads. 

All training classes are held at  7824 F St   Call 402-391-2458 for more information.

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